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Why You Should Compliment Your Partner

compliment your partner

Compliments are essential if you want things to work out for long-term in an intimate relationship. So, how often do you compliment your partner?

According to Nancy Ruth Deen, a relationship expert and owner of HELLOBreakup, “compliments are multi-beneficial. Not only do they make us feel good when we receive one, we also feel acknowledged by our partner.” They show that we appreciate our partner. It is pertinent to note that our compliments should be sincere and honest. When they are not, it turns to flattery.

Flattery is usually received with negativity and it is seen as being manipulative. Most times, flattery is about you and not the person. A real compliment is said to make the other person feel good. As identified by Gary Chapman, “words of affirmation” is one of the ways you can express your love because it’s a building block of intimacy.

When you compliment your partner, you should not focus on an aspect such as the look or appearance. Always try to appreciate every area of the relationship.

  • Appreciate the little things. You don’t have to appreciate the big things only. When you see that your partner goes all the way to make you happy, always compliment their actions to show that you appreciate them.
  • Also, value-based compliments are necessary because this is you complimenting your partner’s character. You could just say nice things about their opinion, hard work, kindness and many more.

However, everyone is insecure about something in the relationship. So, when you are aware of your partner’s insecurity, it’d mean a lot to them when you compliment them on what they may view as shortcomings.  This helps to build your partner’s self-esteem and reminds them of how much you love every part of them.

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Finally, when you compliment your partner, it shows that you appreciate who they are, and it is important that you give them sincere compliments.

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