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Things to Look Out for Before Dating a Man

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Dating in the 21st century is quite difficult. The current dating pool is a mess and being observant would save you a lot of heartache.

Pay close attention and you might see some red flags. Here are a couple of things you should look out for before deciding to date a man if you’re hoping to settle down:

1. His friendship circle

Birds of a feather flock together. If your love interest has friends that have certain bad habits, there are chances that your boo has them too.

2. Anger

How does he react when he’s angry? What are his methods for resolving conflicts? Does he stop all forms of communication when he’s upset, especially towards others? Remember that one day that could be you.


3. His room and car

I know you’re wondering why his room matters. But what is his room like? Is his toilet clean? Is it tidy? Is it neat?

Personal hygiene is very important. You would want to make sure that he isn’t a potential hazard to himself and those around him.

The appearance of his car shows how he handles things. If he’s a rough person, it would show on his car.

4. Personal appearance

The way he carries himself says a lot about him. It can also say a lot about his mental health. You definitely do not want someone who isn’t in the right state of mind to be in possession of your heart.

Then, most importantly, is he presentable to your parents?

5. The way he talks

Is he empathetic? Does he have emotional intelligence?

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6. Finances

Is he into fraud? What are his approach and values when it comes to money?

7. His life plans

Is he ambitious? What does he hope to achieve in the coming years? A man without zeal or passion for things doesn’t have the drive to move forward.

8. Lifestyle

Is his lifestyle compatible with yours? He might look pious but he passes the night at clubs or is a chronic lover of alcohol and smoking. You can’t change a man, so channel that energy elsewhere.

These are the things to look out for before dating a man. Stay true to this guide and I can guarantee that you won’t waste your time engaging in fruitless relationships.



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