How to Stand Out in a Very Competitive Job Market

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How to Stand Out in a Very Competitive Job Market

The job market is highly competitive due to the high volume of over qualified candidates flooding the markets. Depending on the demand for labour and the number of employees available, the job market can either grow or shrink.

To stand out, you need to develop skills, earn new certificates, qualifications and sometimes keep an eye on experiences that are relevant. So, how do you stand out in a very competitive job market? Here are some strategies you can use to stand out.

  • Get relevant work experience

This can be gained by securing more experiences or internship opportunities. Even if it is an unpaid internship that can give essential skills your employer is looking for. These experiences will help you to move ahead.

  • Further your education

Having a degree can increase your earning potential and qualify you for more advanced position. Other ways to further your education is to get a master’s degree or to pursue a certificate. Make sure that the certificate is one which will enhance your resume and potentially qualify you for more advanced positions.

  • Network

While experience and education can go a long way towards helping you to stand out in a competitive market, networking can also play a big role in helping you find the right opportunity. So, try to engage others in conversation when you attend conferences, seminars or events. Also, stay in contact with people you connect with the most.

  • Build a professional online profile

Ensure that your online profile is updated with your work history, skills, certifications, organisations and education. Most times, employers search for names online before calling you for an interview.

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Standing out is fundamental about letting people see how great you are. Also, developing these skills, certificates  is a career strategy that will be rewarding.

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