Helping Your Adolescent Succeed in School


Parents are the most significant pillar of support in their children’s life. They play a vital role in the decision-making of their academic, emotional or physical well-being. It is usually normal for kids to face some difficulties in school. Not only are there social pressures and additional obligations such as sports, the academic requirements are also rigorous.

Even if some kids do not want their parents to be involved in their academic life, small parental involvement is significant for academic success. To help improve your kid’s success in school in today’s world, here are some things you can note.

Engage Your Adolescent

Sometimes, once kids are in high school, parents tend to back off a little because they feel (s)he is an adolescent and should be able to connect well to the teaching in school. But, backing off is a parenting mistake that can affect your kid. Kids perform better when parents engage them because they tend to talk about the challenges they face in school. Remember, not all problems will be written on a report card.

Understand Every Nook and Cranny of the School

Parents should not rely on their kids to tell them about the school, as well as what is going on in the school. So, you need to head to the school and get the staff’s contact information, the school calendar and resources that will help your kid at home.

Help them to Create a Distraction-free Environment

Most times, kids think they can successfully do their assignments and projects in front of the TV, but they need a conducive place to help them concentrate more on their work. So, parents can check in with their children from time to time to make sure they are not distracted by any conversation or by simply staring into the space.

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Encourage them to Read

Most adolescents prefer to entertain themselves with social media, movies or games rather than reading their school books, novels or magazine articles. However, reading provides your kids with a multitude of benefits. Parents should ensure that their children are reading books which will increase their bank of knowledge.

Helping your adolescent succeed in life is very necessary, and such success is most times determined by the parents. So, it is advisable that parents are actively involved in their children’s well-being.

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