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Four Weekend Delicacies that will Obey Your Budget

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The weekend has rolled around again and has presented a good opportunity to rest and recharge your strength for the coming week. One of the best ways to do this is to treat yourself to some tried-and-tested delicacies that you may never have the opportunity to eat during the week. It is no longer news that the declining economy is making things cost three times their former price, hence the need for a strict budget that must be obeyed. Despite this, you must feed your belly and get the enjoyment you deserve.

Therefore, we have prepared the perfect list of delicacies you could have over the weekend without breaking the bank or tearing your pocket.

1. Garri, Groundnut and Chilled Water

Did we hear someone scoff? Don’t judge our choice, please! This combination is an age-long recipe that has been saving lives since 1584. And if you are judging this delicacy because you think it is for poor people, kindly go to the nearest store and check the price of garri. You will understand that even garri is no longer smiling at the broke. For more confirmation, visit this site to see how garri has upgraded. So, if you are blessed enough to afford this combo this weekend, savour the privilege and thank God. Add some milk and sugar for a better experience. You’ll thank us later.

2. Bread and Coke

This is not just a delicacy; it is a classic! Ask anyone who has tried this, they’ll confirm that it is a heavy-duty kind of delicacy. It can perform double functions, as it is a combo that is both enjoyable and filling. Imagine spending so little to satisfy both quality and quantity. Trust us, you’ll save money, time and energy! Eat this in the morning and forget about having any other meal in the day.

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3. Concoction rice

For this, you’ll need to do some cooking, but the result will be worth the trouble. You’ll need some rice, oil (preferably red), onions, pepper (no tomatoes), seasoning, and smoked fish. You could add some vegetables to garnish, if you like. Concoction (or condition) rice is so special because you need no special skill to prepare it. Just wash the ingredients, put just enough water to cook your measure of rice in a pot and bring everything to a boil. In a matter of twenty to thirty minutes, you have a one-of-a-kind meal/delicacy ready. No frying or chef skills are needed. What’s more? You can go for this option without having to spend more than a thousand naira. Can your budget ever complain about such a measly sum? It is why it has been a speciality (plus or minus one or two ingredients) among undergraduates and corps members for years and years. 

4. Roast corn and coconut

Make sure you have a lot of water at hand and some Netflix! This is premium enjoyment! To prepare this, step out of your house and check your street, there must be a woman roasting maize for sale. Make sure she sells coconut slices, too. Buy some and enjoy this delicacy while chilling with a good movie. We recommend this for late afternoon. An afternoon in the cinema, eating expensive popcorn cannot hold a candle to this experience. What’s more? It’s pocket/budget-friendly.

Why not try one, some or all of these delicacies during this weekend? You will be amazed at how your senses will be attuned to appreciate the simple things of life. You’ll be rejuvenated and ready to face whatever the coming week has in store.

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