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7 Reasons You Should Fight on Your Knees

Woman kneeling beside bed and preparing to fight on her knees

Fight? Yes, but on your knees. Fighting on your knees is an influential power that should be wielded by every woman or wife. Most relationships, families or marriages have their own fair share of conflicts, problems and misunderstandings.

Some of them you have to face squarely and thrash out, some you must learn to let go and others you would have to fight—on your knees.

If you observe some marriages today—they are becoming estranged and loveless as a result of conflicts and arising problems. Some are turning into battle grounds. No more strong affection—sex is becoming a no-go area, spouses behave like flat mates—each pursuing their own goals, or focusing on the children’s needs and exchanging pleasantries once in a while—sometimes with seething anger. All these are definitely not healthy for the home.

And there are other challenges—children or teens misbehaving, bills to settle, job/work issues, emotional/physical health issues, and a shortage of finances.

A Smart Decision

Choosing to fight on your knees as a woman or wife is a smart decision, because it is one of the effective ways in resolving these aforementioned issues in your home and enjoying a peaceful and healthier life. It means engaging in all manner of prayers—prayers of thanksgiving, supplications, intercessions, worship and the prayer of faith. It involves praying strategically and specifically about issues.

Please note that when you fight on your knees, you are not trying to evade serious issues. But when problems seem to be escalating, and you both seem to be drifting apart, or talking seems to be hitting a brick wall, or resulting in unnecessary verbiage exchange, the best thing is to retreat as a woman or wife and fight on your knees.

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So, why should you fight on your knees? Here are seven reasons:

It Unfolds the Bigger Picture

When you seek God’s will and desires in your home, not your own or your partner or hubby’s own, you are able to see the bigger picture of what God really expects of you.

It Diffuses the Tension

Prayer has a way of breaking down the tension in the home and causing peace, understanding and love to be restored. When there is peace, solutions can surface.

You Need God’s Help

Literally, going down on your knees and praying is a form of humility; you’re telling God that you cannot handle what is going on, so he should step in. And you know God gives grace and help to the humble but resists the proud.

It Creates the Right Atmosphere in the Home

When you fight on your knees as a woman or wife, your partner or husband can become more receptive. Both of you would most likely communicate better, be calmer, open to reasoning and wisdom and be able to solve the problems.

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Right atmosphere is birthed…

To Hear what God is Saying

You are able to hear what God has to say and shut your ears to the numerous unsolicited advices that are causing harm to your relationship and family.

Hope and Solutions are Birthed

Through effective prayers, renewed hope is birthed. For instance, a marriage that is heading for the divorce court can be turned around for a second honeymoon. A plum job can also show up for either party to settle the mounting bills. A child who has been misbehaving can turn a new leaf. For as long as there is life, there is hope.

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You are Guided to Seek the Right Family/Relationship Counsellor

In fighting on your knees, you can be led to seek counsel from a good relationship or family counsellor who would be unbiased in helping both of you—in the multitude of counsellors, there is safety.

If certain conflicts are becoming too much to handle—like a violent spouse, or partner or there is both physical and emotional abuse towards you, you may have to physically separate from the person for a while.

In all, never underestimate the power of fighting on your knees, for it would cause solutions to flood your relationship, life, and family.

All the best.


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