Tips to Increase Your Creativity at Work

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Creativity is a very important tool for career advancement. Advancement and progress rarely come by sticking to routines and monotonous tasks. As a top performer you need to keep upping your game, adding value to the organisation you work with, devising new strategy and methods and new way of thinking. This can only come by being innovative and creative.

Here are a few tips to help you get on the creative lane and stay there.

  1. Expose your mind to diversity

To develop your creative juices, open your mind to a wide range of  views, outlooks opinions and experiences. Get outside the circles you are used to and things you are familiar with. Read new books, new authors, change where you hang out and places you travel to or visit. Change the type of movies you watch, the music you listen to etc. This helps to open you up to new possibilities, new perspectives.

  1. Share your ideas

Sharing your ideas with people is important; they tend to bring new light or line of thinking to your perspectives. Others may easily notice things you may have overlooked or assumptions you need to take into consideration. Find people who are knowledgeable about your field of endeavour and share your thoughts and plans with them. You will be surprised at how much solutions you will garner from them.

  1. Be flexible

Don’t be dogmatic or tied to a particular way of doing things. Relax your standards and look at things from a different perspective while generating ideas. This increases your openness and boosts your creativity. Practice the habit of letting your mind wander and come up with as many ideas as you can, however absurd they may seem.

  1. Relax and observe the world around you.
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Creativity often flows in a relaxed atmosphere and peaceful ambience. You hardly get time to think when you are immersed in onerous tasks and hardwork. Find time to relax; go for a refreshing walk, read a book, listen to music, take time out to pray and meditate. This will help to bring in a new flow of ideas. Keep a notepad handy to write down inspiration or ideas that may be coming to you.


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