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The Black “Girl” in the Midst of Racism

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The black “girl” refers to every black girl, lady, and woman who is in the midst of racism. Also, to that black girl that is about to be born or the ones that are still in the Creator’s heart — yet to be sent to a family.

Her Experiences 

As she grows and matures into a woman, she learns soon enough that her world is not fair, especially to people of her colour. But there is a flip side- not everyone has a warped view of her race. So, she chooses not to allow the prejudiced percentile define who she is and what she can become!

She can’t be caged or silenced; as she gradually evolves into a highly spirited, confident and passionate woman…embracing life and her pursuits with passion and enthusiasm.

She loves the person she’s becoming, and winks admirably at her reflection when she saunters past the standing mirror in the middle of the room.

The black girl also enjoys the simple things of life. So, she sometimes takes pride in doing up or styling her hair – be it black, brown and shiny or greyish or white and shiny.

She likes to pamper herself, too. By reading a good book, having a sleep in, facials and perhaps, a soak in the tub or a visit to the spa for a massage, sauna or mud bath.

The butterflies in her tummy might have reduced as she got older, but they are still there— she feels them flutter when she makes a win on a project or a child squeezes her hands for comfort, or her teens thank her for listening to them, or a good friend acknowledges her friendship or she goes on a special date or the husband tells her how he values her input and presence. To her, life is a breath of fresh air.

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Her Mindset

The black girl says to herself:

I must be more than a survivor. I have to live, breathe, and thrive. My legacy has to live on. I’m more than the colour of my skin and more than a face; I am an original voice!

The words of people don’t define me; I define myself by my own thinking, struggles, victories and beliefs.

Her Attitude

This black girl is no hater. She gives of herself—her knowledge, her wisdom, her skills, her temperance, her love and her heart. She doesn’t hold back love just because she was bruised by some narcissist or egocentric hater. That would be succumbing to who she is not.

Though most times shortchanged, she’s an encourager and a fighter. She pushes through the odds or is it the oddities of life? She knows she may not be the best but she can definitely hold her own wherever she finds herself. To be more of a powerful ‘girl’—that’s what she strives to be.

Her Authenticity 

She’s not a facade; she doesn’t need to pretend to be someone she is not. She is the authentic face other black girls look up to. She can’t afford to give them a watered-down version of herself, that would be calamitous to them, and even herself.

Her Tenacity

It may seem like she’s always fighting to prove a point, but not necessarily, she is just showing others that she is not some buttered-up-softie you can bully into forced submission or extinction. Her value cannot be snuffed out like a dying flame on a candlestick, for she shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day.

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She will show up, defiantly in your face and let you know that her spirit is too strong to be trampled upon…I whisper a secret about her spirit—Even she fears its audacity at times!

Her Transformation

The black girl in the midst of racism is a conqueror any day. Granted, she has her fair share of cloudy and winter seasons. But she knows the sunny days will rise. And during those cloudy or winter seasons— She learns, grows, builds, aspires, soars and reaches for more. The biting winter cannot clip her wings! And when she eventually evolves, even she can’t recognise her new self!

Her Discovery

She is not a creation of your imagination or hands. So, who told you, you could make her cower? Who deceived you into thinking you could control her? She’s not a puppet, so why should she “jump” just because you said—”jump?”

She might be bruised by you…shunned, shamed, bad mouthed, barged or disgraced. Sadly, she gets bludgeoned by you, too. But thank God you’re only an insignificant part of the whole; a drop in the oasis. She will rise again!

There are more who will celebrate her uniqueness and embrace her richness. They will sing her songs of wisdom and many will blow her trumpet of bravery and fearlessness.

This black girl might be in the midst of racism, but she is larger, and more powerful than this cankerworm!

Efe Lisa Ifezuo|irevealinglight

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Efe Lisa is an author, ghostwriter and a freelancer with COINSCRIBES (General Transcription, proofreading, content Online writing Service). She is also an Emotional Health counselor/manager. Her writings are based on faith, real life, family, relationships, and beyond the four walls of school. The aim is to Reveal, Encourage, Strengthen and Transform (R.E.S.T.) She is married with children.

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