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Before Saying I Do To a Lifetime Commitment

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Can you imagine how you’d feel after saying I do to the love your life? It’d be amazing. But commitment is very important. It determines the outcome of a situation. Therefore, if you are considering the Yes to a lifetime school of marriage, here are some things you need to note.

Saying I do sounds easier, but are you ready for all it takes? Are you ready for the commitment? When we see marriages that last for years, you must know that commitment, understanding and patience are involved. Some of the things you need to know are:

Be financially stable

One of the worst gifts you could give your partner is load of debt into marriage. You must get it right, though we all have our financial struggles. Don’t bring unnecessary burden to your marriage. You are meant to enjoy it.

Know that people change

Change is inevitable. If you are saying I do to the love of your life, you must know that people change because of life circumstances and influences. You and your spouse would change in the school of commitment. However, you must live through the change positively. So, you need to adapt to change.

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Communicate with your spouse

This is the life line. It can either make or mar your relationship. Before and after saying I do, always communicate with your spouse. Be intentional and deliberate when communicating with your spouse.

Respect your spouse

Respect in your relationship determines how severe, and how conflict will be in your relationship. When you respect yourself, it will be easy to respect your partner.

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Never ever quit

This is commitment. Marriage is the school where you receive the certificate first. Don’t start with options like, “if he does this or if he doesn’t do this, I will quit”. You must be open to forgiveness regardless of any situation. Be committed. Don’t threaten to leave. Show commitment to your partner.

Be ready to give 100%

You must have heard of the saying that marriage is 50/50. Don’t listen; that is a crap. You give all you have and your spouse gives all they have as well.

Never stop dating

Can you remember the first time you met? The first time you went on a date? Do you recall how shy you were at some point during the date? How you send those loving texts and random pictures? Don’t stop it! Do it always. Celebrate your spouse every day.

Commitment is a trait of sincerity with a focused purpose. However, live your life, enjoy your life because once you say I do, you are accountable to someone.

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