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Before Becoming a Girlfriend – Some Crucial Advice for Young Women

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There is really so much a person can know or find out about their prospects, but before you say yes to a relationship there are certain grounds that you should have covered.

I watched a TikTok video a while back and it talked about non-negotiables. Girlie, before you agree to date a man, make sure you’re sufficiently self-aware of what you can bend to, and what you will definitely not bend to.

Are you a Christian?

Is spirituality important to you?

Do you like animals?

What do you think about gender roles?

Who are your friends?

These are some of the questions that you should have answers to and some of the things that will determine the sustainability of your intended relationship.

Take Your Time

It is important to mention that there is no rush. Take all the time in the world you need to think about it before agreeing to be in a relationship. That a man likes you is not sufficient reason to be his girlfriend.

What are his goals? What kind of family does he come from? How does he treat the people around him? Is he kind? How does he deal with anger? Is he emotionally intelligent?

I know that most of these questions appear to be things that a person does not find within months of knowing a person. That is why I encourage friend-zoning. Keep them close enough to see how they react and behave to things, but not too close that boundaries will be crossed.

Talk to Him

The importance of talking can never be overemphasized. There are so many apps and card games that serve as good conversation starters. Find out how his mind works.

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It is better for all of your surprises to be at the talking stage than for you to get into a relationship and start learning things that could be threatening to it.

It is never too late to leave a man. But it is always better for your heart not to have started the relationship in the first place. The heart holds all memories.

Avoid Settling

If you are now in a relationship and have been asking yourself how you got into it because the person you are now dating and the man who first showed interest in you are two different people, this is your sign. I know you’ve been waiting for one.

The kind of man you want is not outside your reach. Do not settle!

A relationship with opposing values will require too much compromise from you. It is not worth it. 

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