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Are You New to Exercising? 10 Tips to Enjoy Your Exercise Routine

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Let’s face it, when it comes to bodily exercise or workout, a lot of women are not agog about it. But we know it’s a necessity, so we force ourselves to do it. Even those that have a regular routine of exercising, and know the benefits of a good workout, sometimes have lackluster days and don’t desire to exercise.

But who said your exercise routine has to be a drag?

It can be enjoyed; just like you will enjoy a relaxing bubble bath of lavender, and other essential oils or a “cheat meal” of Strawberry Sundae and/or Peperoni Pizza.

So, as a newbie, you need to find out what routine works for you and don’t just stick to it but add variety. If you become a stick-in-the mud to an exercise routine, it will definitely become boring overtime.

Okay, let’s see how you can enjoy your newly embraced exercise routine. And if you’ve been exercising for a while, I bet you can still find some of these tips useful.

1. Create the time: Just like you would plan time to sleep or wake up, get ready for work, get the kids ready, go to that charity fundraiser, walk the dog, visit the doctor and a number of other items on your to-do-list, you need to also intentionally plan a time to exercise, too.

Don’t leave it to chance or say, “I will get to it,” trust me, you will never get to it. And even if you eventually do, and there is no definite time, you might not be at your optimum then.

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You need to ask yourself some practical questions: how much time do I have to exercise in a day? How many days in a week can I really exercise? Is the morning or evening best for me?

Answers to these and similar questions will encourage you to create a definite time for your program.

2. Set a Goal: Now that you have solved the time for workout, don’t assume you will automatically keep to it. You need to have something to motivate you, and that something is a goal- a SMART goal.

For instance, your goal for exercising might be to lose 7lb of weight each month for the next 10 months so that you will be able to fit into that Size 12 dress you have been eyeing at the shopping mall.

Now, that is a goal worth looking forward to. Each time your body feels lazy to exercise, you remember your goal and work towards achieving it.

3. Get good music: As obvious as this is, it has to be said. Music contributes to having a good and enjoyable workout. When I jump on my trampoline while listening to music, I’m able to jump for a longer time and I enjoy it, too. So, get started by creating a playlist of your favourite music to listen to while you exercise.

4. Reward yourself: Generally, life is not exciting without gifts or rewards. So, when you accomplish a certain number of workouts, reward yourself with something you enjoy.

For instance, reward showing up for the workout and not you losing a few pounds. And when you eventually accomplish your goal, per time, reward yourself big time! Rewarding yourself will make you look forward to your workout and enjoy it.

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5. Plan a Get-together workout: Working out with a friend or a group can be good fun and you can encourage each other and work towards a goal together. You just have to find a time that syncs with your friend or group. It might not be an everyday thing but exercising once or twice a week with a good friend can really leave you in high spirits.

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6. What you eat matters: Some types of food can affect your mood and if your mood is ruined then your exercise routine is ruined, too. Eating an unhealthy food just before you exercise can kill your motivation or make you lethargic. You need ample energy to enjoy your workout.

If you are eating 30-60 minutes before workout, it is recommended that you eat a high carbohydrate, moderate protein and low-fat snack before exercising.

But if you’re eating 2-3 hours before, it is recommended that you eat a high carbohydrate, high protein, and low-fat meal before exercising.

Examples of healthy foods are: nuts and raisins, oatmeal, whole grain toast and a hard-boiled egg, bananas, and nonfat Greek yoghurt amongst others.

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7. Vary your workout: When it comes to certain things, variety is still the spice of life. Exercise is one of those things that needs variety. If you want to enjoy your workout then you need to become creative in your workout.

Mix things up on your exercise days: brisk walking, gentle jogging, swimming, and video workout. You can also have separate days for strength training programs, Hatha yoga and Pilates.

8. Get a personal trainer: If you can afford it, you might want to pay a personal trainer, especially if you are new to exercising. Some people enjoy exercising when someone else is doing the directing and planning. All they need to do is show up for the program, with enthusiasm, of course.

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9. Track your progress: Some people use fitness apps or keep a workout journal to keep themselves motivated. The more they see the improvements, the more they are motivated to continue.

10. Rest days are needed: Taking time to rest and recover will keep you refreshed and will enable you enjoy your workout. It will also keep you from burning out, prevent injuries or even feeling sick.

These tips are a sure guarantee for you enjoying your exercise routine without losing steam. However, if you happen to slack-off for 1 or 2 days, don’t beat yourself up. Just get up again and re-commit yourself to your goals and interests.

And more importantly, remember to find joy in the process; this makes you benefit from your exercise routine.

All the best!



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