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7 Tips for an Easy Nine Months of Pregnancy

pregnant woman and husband holding her belly and hoping for an easy nine months of pregnancy

The 9-month journey from conception to delivery is usually not an easy one for a lot of women. While for many, only their first pregnancies are fraught with one challenge or discomfort or another, some other women have ‘war stories’ to tell about every pregnancy. We have put together 7 tips for an easy nine months of pregnancy journey. Read on:

Maintain Good Personal Hygiene for an Easy Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnant women get uncomfortable easily. This usually happens during the heat. Hence, making yourself as comfortable as you possibly can, should be a top priority for you. That might mean more showers, loose clothes made with breathable fabrics, and daily changing of undergarments.

Take your Hospital Visits Seriously While Pregnant

Start your antenatal visits as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.  You should make them frequent. Never overlook any pain that you may feel during your pregnancy.  It could indicate something serious!

Exercise As Much As You Can

In some places, the belief is that women who are pregnant should not exercise as it could lead to miscarriages and other complications. However, this is false as exercise during pregnancy may enhance easy delivery, reduce body pains as well as contribute to quick baby fat loss after pregnancy. Exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, pelvic tilts, and yoga are effective in this regard.

Make Breakfast Your Best Friend

Never forget to have breakfast. Even if you are nauseous in the morning and you cannot eat much, eat the little you can or whatever you have an appetite for, as long as it is healthy. Also don’t forget to make up for what you did not eat later when you feel better. Read also 13 foods to eat when you’re pregnant

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Watch What You Eat

 Pregnant women have cravings. However, try to think of your child’s health before you think of what you want. Do not eat fatty foods. Take sugar-free biscuits such as cracker biscuits. Also consider taking lots of fruits as those will supply vitamins for the baby’s development. Avoid alcohol consumption as well as smoking.

Dress Comfortably for an Easy Nine Months of Pregnancy

Do not ‘punish’ yourself by dressing according to trends as you’ll only end up uncomfortable. You need to dress in free clothes and free underwear. You should also get bigger shoe sizes as your feet may swell towards the end of your pregnancy.

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Drink Lots of Water

Throughout the nine months, you are supplying your child with oxygen and nutrients through your blood. This will increase the volume of your blood. Therefore, you will need to take lots and lots of water to augment blood production.

These 7 seven tips for an easy nine months of pregnancy are effective for a less bumpy journey to motherhood!

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